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Salamanca Market | Tourism Tasmania | Richard Eastwood

Salamanca Market | Tourism Tasmania | Richard Eastwood


Are you planning a move to Tasmania and have lots of questions about how this move will work for you and your family?

Perhaps you are undecided on where to live in Tassie?

A Personal Planning Consultation will help you make the move to Tasmania a reality.

This service includes:

  • a personal planning consultation where you can ask for help and advice particular to your individual circumstances
  • the Move to Tasmania Toolkit, which includes 20 moving checklists and worksheets to download

$250.00 (including GST) – BUY NOW


Your Personal Planning Consultation

Settled In can provide a consultation service to assist you as you plan your move to Tasmania.

​This may suit you if you are in the early stages of planning your move and are unsure about where to focus your home search and need assistance with other aspects of the move and life in Tasmania.  ​

The Settled In Personal Consultation includes:

  • An assessment of your requirements
  • Research into the locations in Tasmania that meet your budget and lifestyle needs
  • Advice on planning your move to Tasmania
  • Advice and assistance on other aspects of the move that you are unsure about
  • Consultation with Jo Reardon by phone, email, Skype/FaceTime or face-to-face if you travel to Tasmania


The Move to Tasmania Toolkit

The Move to Tasmania Toolkit is a good place to start planning your move and it will also help you as you settle into your new life in Tasmania.  ​

The Move to Tasmania Toolkit includes sections on:

  • About Tasmania
  • Property in Tasmania
  • Moving with Children
  • The move to Tasmania
  • Settling in
  • ​Plus you receive access to 20 moving checklists and worksheets that you can download, saving you a lot of time leading up to and during the move.

Learn more about The Move to Tasmania Toolkit.​


What Happens Next

​When you purchase this option you will receive:

  1. ​A link to download The Move to Tasmania Toolkit
  2. An email confirming your purchase of a personal planning consultation and details about how to book your consultation. This may be redeemed up to six months from purchase.



​When you select ‘Buy Now’, the Toolkit + Personal Consultation will be added to your shopping cart. Payment uses Paypal, however you do not need to have a Paypal account to pay using your preferred credit card.​

Please contact us if you would prefer to be invoiced for your purchase.​

$250.00 (including GST) – BUY NOW



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