Why Choose Us when Moving to Tasmania?

Choose us to gain local knowledge

We are Tasmanians who love Tasmania. We have also lived away from Tassie and relocated many times ourselves. We understand the stress, effort and time it takes to plan a move as well as the excitement of something new.

We also know Tasmania. We can help you decide which part of Tassie will best suit the lifestyle you wish to create and provide information and local knowledge about the regions, cities, suburbs and towns of Tasmania as well as the lifestyle, weather, travel times, property market, schools and much more. If we don’t know the answer, we will know someone who does.

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Choose us to save you time, effort and money

If you are planning to move to Tasmania it is likely that you are considering visiting once or twice in advance of the move to try and buy or rent your new home. The alternative to not organising your home in advance is to spend several weeks in short term accommodation which is costly and unsettling.

Also costly is the visit to Tasmania. As a rough guide, some average costs for one three day trip for two people is shown below. The chances are you will need to visit more than once and so the costs escalate.

Average costs for a three day trip for two people to Tasmania

Accommodation                                             $600

Car hire and petrol                                         $220

Eating out                                                         $600

Airfares (Brisbane)                                         $560-$1400

Airfares (Perth)                                                $800-$1100

Airfares (Melbourne)                                      $200-$400

TOTAL – from Brisbane                                $1980-$2820

TOTAL – from Perth                                      $2220-$2520

TOTAL – from Melbourne                            $1620-$1920

PLUS – the cost of taking annual leave from work

PLUS – the cost of your time in planning the trip and researching housing options


Aside from the obvious costs you also need to devote your time to the search. Before you come to Tassie you will need to:

  • search the internet for suitable properties
  • check Google Maps to work out location and travel times
  • undertake other research to narrow down to a short list
  • contact real estate agents to set up appointments.
  • and then realise that if you are looking to rent rather than buy then setting up appointments to suit your limited schedule is almost impossible
  • and if you are planning to buy then narrowing down the options will most likely take more time than a short visit can provide


Or Settled In can do all of that for you!

Visit our page about Finding Your New Home in Tasmania to read more about what is included. We even have a service to view just one or two properties you have found yourself – definitely worth saving the cost of the visit in case the property turns out to not meet your needs.


Contact us for a quote to help you move to Tasmania

Contact us to talk through how Settled In can help you start your new life in Tasmania. Tell us what you are need and the lifestyle you want to achieve and we will provide you with a fixed price quote. Pass on the hard work of finding your new home, schools and  family activities to us and you can then enjoy the excitement of your move to Tasmania without the stress. We can customise our services to meet what you need and to be within your budget.


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